The Injured Parties is a Chicago-based band. Lead by former Post Office songwriter, Larry O. Dean, the IP's came together after Dean's previous band, the ambitious, avant-pop sextet, The Me Decade, imploded. Looking to streamline the violin and viola-driven sound of TMD, Dean recruited bassist, Jimmy De Lauriea and drummer, Mike Ebersohl from the vibrant Chicago music underground, creating a more classic "power trio" line-up.

With rich three-part harmonies, chugging electric guitar, smooth rhythms and Dean's "songs and sardonica" approach to composition, The Injured Parties plays songs that echo the melody and verve of vintage Kinks, the squonk of Neil Young's Crazy Horse, the blissful feedback of The Velvet Underground, the psychedelic twang of The Byrds, and the hard-edged pop of The Posies.

Larry O. Dean
Vocals & Guitars

Jimmy De Lauriea
Bass & Vocals

Mike Ebersohl
Drums & Vocals